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Ever Wonder "What Does My Husband Think About Me?"

Most men are not good at expressing their feelings and especially with women.  And, do you ever wonder that he might be thinking the same thing, 'What Does My Wife Really Think About Me?'.

Family and Kids

Once a marriage evolves into family and kids then communication between husband and wife revolves mainly around simple daily needs; what do you want for dinner, this one has baseball practice and this one needs to be taken to the dentist, etc.

Time for real discussion about husband and wife emotional needs tends to be pushed to the back of the needs list.  But, it is important and women you are the ones that usually drive the family schedule so you are the ones that have to find time for it.

Men are not good at multi-tasking so you have to find some quite time for them to single task and be able to focus on a conversation that is centered around their feelings and emotions.  This is when you are able to find out more about what they think about you as well.

Using The Right Words

Using the right words on your husband at various times in your day will cause him to see you as the woman who "gets it" about men and he will view you as the woman he wants to spend time with because you make him feel good about himself when he is with you and you only.

Women who know these words and when to use them are applying the Paleolithic Principle in their relationship and are creating lasting, loving relationships with their husband.  In return he is full filling more of their needs without even realizing he is doing so.  What he thinks about you will show in his actions towards you.

Women are very sensitive and men don't like to see them cry and they don't always know what is going to hurt their feelings and make that crying start.  So, often times they just shut down even more in talking and sharing what they really think about something.

As a woman working with married men I have heard men talk about how fat and lazy their wives are to statements like "she's a good woman and a wonderful mother".   But, in both cases they are probably not expressing these feelings to their wives nearly enough.

I had heard men say "As soon as the kids are grown, I'm leaving her" and I have known them long enough to actually see that happen.  One guy's reason was that she would never go anywhere and do anything with him that he liked to do.  Men want to share their life with their wives.  Wives have to make time to do that with them.

Get Them To Open Up

First thing, women, is that you have to learn how to get them to open up to you and share those wants, feelings and emotions.  Maybe you should look into how to use the Paleolithic Principle in your relationship with your man so you too can enjoy the joy of a long term life with him; happily and truly until death do us part.


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