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Women! That's Not How Men Work

Women, listen up!  Men just don't work the way you think they do.  You thinkHow to attract a guy you like and turn him into the man you love. because you 'get' something that they should too.  Nope, just doesn't work that way.

They are worth having around and keeping but, you have to be the one to understand how to make a relationship with them work for a life time.

If you want to be a woman that your man wants to be with the rest of his life then you need to learn how to stop doing things, that you don't even realize you are doing, that makes a man reluctant to be in an exclusive, long-term relationship.

Who Do You Learn About Men From?

It's hard to learn how men really think and tick in relationships because you don't have anyone to learn from; not your mom, your friends and certainly not in school.

And men are just like a little secret clan.  They talk amongst themselves about how they feel and what they like about a woman, but they never talk to women about it.

The best help today in understanding how men think in relationships is the written word from someone who has been able to be 'undercover' in the clan and get all those secret feelings that men so preciously guard from the women in their life.

That's Not How Men Work Review 

Marni Kinrys is one who has laid out in her book help for women so they can know how to stop turning off men and to show women what makes a man reluctant to be in an exclusive relationship, even with a woman they really care about.

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Marni has been on FOX News, Men's Health Magazine, Glamor Magazine, Penthouse and MTV, just to name a few...

Her book aims to help women in the following ways:

  • Teaches how a woman can capture her man's heart and make him fall deeply in love with her.
  • Make your man treat you much better and value you more.
  • How to make your man think YOU, and only you, all the time.
  • Attract the right man for you if you seem to be having difficulty doing that.
  • Help you figure out if the relationship you are in, that seems to be going nowhere, has any future to it.
  • How to keep the romance alive if you are already married.
  • How to get the man you are dating to make the relationship exclusive.
  • Shows you seven secrets about male psychology that can help a woman make that one special guy fall deeply in love with her.
  • Explains the mindset and behaviors that can kill a relationship, don't unknowingly make these mistakes that will turn off your man.
  • How you should respond if your man begins to avoid you or is showing a lack of interest in your relationship.
  • You will get an understanding of why do men go hot cold or silent when you think things are going great.

You may be unaware that you are causing your man to move away from you and seek a relationship with another woman who better understands him.  Which really means she simply better understands how men work and knows how to wrap him around her little finger and get the things that she wants by knowing how to give him what he wants, without him evening knowing what's happening.

In Marni's eBook you will also get cheat sheets that have the step-by-step recipe for you as a woman to be able to figure out exactly what your man feels about you.  And you will get to read real life case studies that will help you determine whether or not a man is ready for you.

You will learn how to get any man you want when you want him.

Chapter By Chapter Summary of That's Not How Men Work - A Simple Guide To Meeting Men, Dating Men and Making Every Man In The Room Want You!

Ebook, That's Not How Men Work There are four chapters (181 pages) chalked full of valuable information.  Each chapter provides a series of steps that show you how to stop coming off as needy and desperate (even though you think you are not that way) and start gaining your man's value and respect and stop wondering why you can't get a date; you will be dating the guy you are attracted to.

Chapter 1: Become Aware of the "Mindset Behaviors" You Exhibit

In the first chapter of "That's Not How Men Work" eBook you will find everything you need to know about your mindset behaviors and how to turn your relationship around and never let your mindset ruin your relationship again.

Marni gives you a ton of useful insights and a few exercises to help you figure out who YOU really are.  If you will actually take the time to do what Marni asks, you'll open a ton of new possibilities in your life when it comes to men.

Chapter 2: The Evolution of Attraction - How To Keep A Good Relationship From Turning Bad

Most women don't have a clue why their relationship fell apart.  This chapter teaches you to wake up and pay attention so you can take little steps that will prevent your relationship from falling apart before it even gets started good. 

If you are into the dating scene and you are having trouble reading a man's signals or you don't seem to be able to attract that guy past the first date then you will find the information in this chapter to get you on the right track for attracting any man you want.

You will be shown all about getting rid of your pre-conceived notions about men and the unrealistic expectations you put on your relationships. 

This chapter will be extremely eye-opening for any woman who feels like men just don't make sense.

Marni describes it well when she says…

“Men work wonderfully as men but they work horribly as women, mind readers or knowing how exactly to fulfill ‘your knight in shining armor’ fantasy.  Do you want him to listen to you as intensely as your best friend does?  That’s not how men work.”

Chapter 3: Figure Out How He Really Feels About You

If you have been in previous marriages or relationships you may just want to write men off. But, you know you just can't and you get back into the dating scene. But, when men don't come across when, how and the ways you expect them to, you become frustrated and withdraw again.

In this chapter you will find out exactly what you need to know about what your partner needs and what he is really feeling and then you will finally understand that what you thought in the past is really Not How Men Work.

You will begin to see that there is really a baby in every man's full grown body.  You can fight that point or you can learn to use it to your advantage.

You can continue to think that if your are pretty enough and smile enough, then guys will approach you. That's simply not true.  Learn what really works to make you more approachable to men.

Chapter 4: Nailing The Approach - Putting It All Together

You want him to Label you as his life partner forever.  What you learn in this chapter is very important to make your man get fully committed to you.  This is not complicated stuff, the puzzle has been cracked and shown to you in this chapter.

You will be able to read examples of how a woman who doesn't understand men might typically respond to his actions and what you should do differently. It's a "Don't do that, Do this instead' type presentation which really helps you grasp all the concepts you have learned in the previous chapters of Marni's That's Not How Men Work downloadable book.

You will have all you need to know about how to get a man to fall for you in a big way.

As you can see, this eBook "That's Not How Men Work" is packed with valuable information that you need to know about how men really think, so you can have the man YOU want to happily spend the rest of your life with and have him lovingly enjoy the relationship also.

That's Not How Men Work Bonuses

As If The Information in this valuable eBook Isn't enough some bonuses are being added to That's Not How Men Work just to make sure you succeed in all areas of your relationship goals.
Unlock His Secrets Audio Interview

  • Bonus 1: Unlock His Secrets - This audio interview and transcript will show you additional ways to break through even the most disinterested man's walls and have him opening his heart to you forever. You will be discovering ways to crack open a man's "internal walls" and get him to tell you all that he is really feeling...

  • Bonus 2: Confessions From A Wing Girl - Top Male Attraction Confessions of a Wing Girl Top Male Attraction SecretsSecrets, with Bernardo Mendez. In this exclusive interview, renowned love guru Bernardo Mendez and Marni Kinrys use Marni's private secrets as a professional Wing Girl to 'peel back the kimono' and reveal never-before-seen content on how to find the deep, radiant love you really want.  This private interview will give you secrets you have never heard before ANYWHERE on how to get that deep, devotional love you crave and deserve.

  • Bonus 3: Intoxicate Him With Desire - You will LOVE this audio Intoxicate Him With Desire Audio Interviewinterview and transcript, because it will show you even more ways as to exactly how to have any man feeling almost unbearably attracted to YOU. You will know by that look of desire on his face when you have intoxicated you guy with love and deep admiration. What you will see is "I can't wait to spend some intimate time with you".

That's Not How Men Work - The simple guide to meeting men, dating men and making every man in the room want you!

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