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Make Every Man Want You More

How To Be Irresistible To Men Book


The path from courtship to marriage has changed from the way it was done twenty or thirty years ago? Back then the rules of courtship were clearly defined.

Only a vulgar and shameless woman would pursue a man.

Playing by these old rules is not only very old-fashioned, it is just plain limiting. Today women have more freedoms in all areas of life and that includes dating.

Today it is wonderful that women and men can be open, honest and direct about topics that were taboo just a few generation prior.

But, if men and women have new freedoms and power then who is suppossed to make the next move... and what really IS that move?

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If you need to know what to do in ANY dating situation in such a way that is appropriate, effortless and just completely IRRESISTIBLE then you will want to get Amy Waterman and Marie Forleo's course "Make Every Man Want You More".

If you don't want to settle for anything less than excellence in life AND love, then this course will teach you how to effortlessly and flawlessly achieve your goals.

Here is just a few of the things you will learn:

What's Inside :

How to be irresistible to a guy you like - If you think you have to do a lot of work on yourself before you can attract the right man, then you have a wonderful surprise awaiting you.

Attracting Men Who Want Real Relationships - 4 Keys to Creating Instant Attraction. Best ways to communicate "single and available" to the right men.

How To Talk To Men You Don't Know - 6 No-Fail Topics to talk about with any man. Learn how to be more flirtatious in your conversation and whether there are any "conversation no-nos" you should avoid.

Dating Mistakes Women Make With Men - 5 Deadly dating mistakes that turn men off. Discover the kind of mistakes that really matter so that you can just laugh away those mistakes that don't.

Dating After Divorce for Women over 40 or under? Learn what to do if you are a divorced woman coming back into the dating field. Understand if being a single mother will hinder your chances of meeting Mr. Right.

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Emily McKay

Audio of Emily McKay
"Overcoming ANY Dating Obstacle"

Ariel and Shya Kane

Audio of Ariel & Shya Kane
"How to Create a Magical Relationship"

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