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I Love Him But I Don't Know Why He Is So Mean To Me Sometimes

First let me say this post is not for any woman who is being physically abused by their husband or boyfriend.  If you are in that situation then get help from a shelter or your local police before it is too late.

But, for those women who are trying to establish a happy, loving and lasting relationship with their man but  he is just so aggravating sometimes because he seems to have this mean streak, especially with you, then read on.

Many men, and women as far as that goes, deep down are unhappy with their situation but don't know what to do about it.  They just go along trying to do the right thing but sometimes just reach a point that they just explode with anger or just say hurtful things because they themselves are hurting.
Consider a few things that might be a problem.

Is he unhappy in his job?  If you are married and maybe also have children he may have taken a job just to support the family. However this profession is not really what he would love to do but he can't take a cut in pay to start over in a different career.  Deep down he feels trapped.   Maybe he currently has a boss that is giving him a hard time but he can't really say what he would like to that person.  This puts him in a bad mood and when he comes home any little thing can set him off and cause him to say hurtful things to you that he probably doesn't really mean.

Most young people are taught to be responsible and always to do the right thing.  Maybe he feels trapped into a family life that he doesn't really want to be in but he has to live up to being a responsible person.  He might be working at a job that his father things he should be in but it is not what he really wants to do.

In one way he wants to be responsible or make his dad happy but in another he wants to be free.  He is torn between his own emotions.  Some days he is just unhappy and he takes it out on you. 

Does your man have health problems that would make him ache or hurt?  If you don't have these same type aches and pains then you can't understand how he feels.  When one's body aches and others are constantly asking you to do something with them or for them they soon wear down and begin to get snappy.

Did you man's father treat his mother this way?  Often times if one is raised in a family where the father is domineering and mean to the mother then a child will grow up to think this is the way he is supposed to act.

Maybe he is losing interest and really wants to just pull away but doesn't know how to tell you. 

Women, you are in charge of your relationship.  Step up to the plate and take control.  Many women learn how to use the Paleolithic Principle in Relationships to create a Joy in their relationship along with a Loving, Rock-Solid Commitment from their man.

With this principle they understand how to make their man stay in love with them because  to him you are a woman who "gets it" and makes him "feel good about himself" when he is with you.  When you have mastered this principle you will find that you get more of "your needs" met without him even realizing that he is doing so.

Check it out.  Turn you man around from the path that he is on.  Even if his problem is some of the things that we have previously mentioned then you will be able to help and make your relationship a long and lasting, loving one.