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Some Tips To Help You Be Happy In Life and a Person That People Love To Be Around

Being born does not automatically make anyone a happy person.  As we grow and experience life there will be things that happen that can turn us into a sour, unhappy person if we let it.  Then nobody wants to be around you and you become even more unhappy with life.
Here are some tips to help keep you in the happy zone and  someone that others love to associate with:

  • Do You Only Focus on Yourself and What You Want? - Many people think that their list of wants is the only thing going on in their life and everyone around them's lives as well. I know a lady that is so focused on what she wants that she will just interrupt your sentence with what she is thinking about for herself and doesn't even know that you haven't finished your sentence, much less the whole thought you wanted to share.  It is quite clear that she wasn't listening to you in the first place.
  • Me First Syndrome - Do you tend to think more about yourself and less about others?  Maybe you could spend more time with family, especially the older members like grandparents.   Think about participating in a community event or raising money for a cause.  Some people go out and run in marathons to help raise money for a cause and others will volunteer in schools or at pet shelters.  All of which will make you feel better about yourself, as well as help others improve their lives as well.
  • Do You Give Too Much of Yourself? - The opposite of the above is true also.  If you do nothing but give of yourself and your time to others then you will begin to feel that life is just a burden and you become very downtrodden and depressed.  You may have a very demanding parent, spouse, children or job even that leaves you little time for yourself.  When this situation goes on for years in one's life then  it will take its toll on your health and your overall well being.   You must speak up in a nice way and let those around you know that you need your space and a little time for yourself also.  If not, you may not be around for them in the future.
  • Take Time To Appreciate The Small Things in Life - You must do this.  It only takes a few minutes to pause and look at a beautiful sunrise and marvel at its beauty.  It is a great way to start your day Beautiful Red Birdoff on a good foot.  Put a bird feeder out and take a few minutes to watch and be in awe of the beauty of the colors and sizes of the birds that come to appreciate what you have given them.  At the same time listen to their melodies they sing.  We are so accustomed to tuning out noises in this day and time that we also tune out the beautiful lyrics as well.  With all the hustle and bustle in our lives today we tend to miss so much that can bring a moment of relaxation and joy. Force yourself to pay attention to little tings.
  • Adopt An Attitude of Gratefulness -  Everyone has something they can be grateful for, so don't overlook these things.  Do you have a friend who is always there for you?  Do you have a warm home and plenty to eat, even though it may not be a mansion or caviar, there are many people on the streets in the cold and hungry.  Do you have a pet that happily greets you when you come home tired from a long day?  Are you able to see and read, walk and run, work and provide for yourself?  There is a world of beautiful nature around you.  Be grateful for the opportunity to see its beauty. 
  • Try Singing - Maybe you don't have a beautiful voice so you might Music Makes Me Happywant to just sing to yourself.  But, singing can do wonders toward giving you a more upbeat feeling.  Sing in the shower, in the car or around the house while you work.  When I was young there was a fellow that always would go about his day whistling.  He would whistle upbeat little tunes which seemed to make him happy and made everyone else around him feel better. 
  • Try Laughing -  You may think there is nothing in your life to laugh about or that your life is no laughing matter.  But laughter helps to bring a better life.  I'm sure there was a time in your life that something happened that you found funny.  Try to remember those times and just laugh about them again and again.  Soon you will find other things around you are really kind of funny.
  • Find Time to Exercise - You may think I get enough exercise with my job or taking care of my family.  But, this is not relaxing exercise.  Go for a casual or brisk walk.  Simply run in place for a count of five I Love To Swinghundred steps.  Jump on a trampoline for five or ten minutes.  If you have some place to do so go for a run. Go to a park and sit in a swing like a child again. To benefit your health and make you feel better exercise doesn't have to be rough and tough at a gym.  When our bodies feel better and function better then we are generally a more happy person.
  • Plant a Garden - doesn't have to be a large garden.  Might even be just some tomatoes in pots on your patio.  It is a lot of fun to watch something sprout and grow and it is relaxing to water and tend your little garden.  Not to mention how tasty some fresh grown items are to eat.
  • Find a Child To Be Friends With - If you are an older person then find a child or some children to be friends with.  Many of them don't have grandparents close by and they would love someone to spend more time with them.  Often times their parents are both working and when off they have so many chores to do they don't really spend any quality time with their kids.  I used to know an elderly lady that didn't have any children of her own but would have little Kool Aid or Ice Cream parties in her back yard for a number of the small children that lived around her.  She loved spending time with them and they with her, plus it gave their parents a welcome break from them for a few hours.  Children have a way of keeping adults young and happy.
  • Always Keep Learning - There is so much to learn during a lifetime.  Keep your mind active with reading, working puzzles and communicating with others.  Start conversations with other people to learn about their cultures and lifestyles.  Never do this in a demeaning way but with an inquisitive, open mind that allows you to enrich your life and theirs.
  • Think About What Makes You Happy - What did you like to do as a child that made your giggle until your sides hurt?  Maybe those things aren't appealing to you anymore but I'm sure there are some things that still bring a smile to your face.  Don't just turn on the TV and watch whatever is on.  Go rent a movie that will make you laugh and watch it instead.  Take time to just think about what makes YOU happy and how you can get that. 

As stated earlier, many times we are so busy trying to make someone else happy that we don't have any time to make ourselves happy.  Sometimes it is a matter of just learning to say no.  If there is no time left in your day for you to do some things for yourself then you are way to extended for others.  Helping others is always a good feeling and in many ways will bring happiness into your life but if it prevents you from ever doing those little things in life that you really want to do then you have to find more balance in your lifestyle.

Relationships are tough, especially between men and women,  and sometimes one needs some guidance or help with how to better handle them.  If you are a woman and interested in why men pull away in a relationship then you might want to read more at this page .

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