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The Way You Talk Can Make You Irresistible in Your Man's Eyes - Learn The Language of Desire

Has Your Sex Life Become Rather Boring?

When you first met him he paid attention to you all the time and you attracted him sexually, but now things just seem to be more of a routine than a real desire.

What you really want is your man to be 100% focused on you, fantasizing about you all during his day and counting down the minutes until he will be able to see you again.

Well, you may think that the solution is to kill yourself at the gym to stay slim and trim or to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie to be attractive to him.  Even though there is nothing wrong with doing those two things you really want to learn what to say to him to keep him being the man you first met and one that always thinks loving things about you.

Myriad of Ways

Many will advise you with a myriad of ways to keep your man's love and attention but I think you will find that the Language of Desire will give you the best advice.  However, here are some ways that others think will work for you and you might want to even give them a try.

  • Be mysterious - If you haven't done so already then don't tell your husband everything about yourself.  Your husband will be attracted to drawing out of you all the mysteries you have hidden away from him. Give him this challenge; just don't make it too complicated.
  • Get Rid of that Grandma nightgown -  At least some of the time.  That may be your most comfortable sleeping outfit but sometimes you may want to dress in something more feminine or sexy.  Also, consider dressing up and looking nice when you go out to eat with him; not just when you go to church or out with your girlfriends.
  • Support Him with an Upbeat Attitude - Support him and his goals or troubles with a smile or kind word.  When he walks in the door after work keep in mind that he may have had a horrible day at work and coming home to a smile and kind words may just be the thing he needs at that moment.  This kindness will come back to you with affection from him.
  • Start Something - Show your inner tigress and be the one to initiate lovemaking. He wants to be pursued once in a while also.  Show him he is still the only one for you.  Surprise him sometimes.  This can be one of your mysterious things that he has yet to discover.
  • Become Interested in His Interests - Men love a companion by their side.  Not one that is constantly complaining because they don't enjoy  the event that they have joined in on.  So, if you husband likes football, try to learn a little bit about it so you can at least discuss the teams and scores with him.  Join him in watching his favorite team or even tailgating at one of the games.  But, do it with a smile and sincerity. Take time to watch his favorite movie with him.  He will enjoy it more just because you are by his side.
  • Cook His Favorite Meal - Good things happen after a good meal.  Fix his favorite foods to let him know you are thinking about him. 
  • Men Want To Be Noticed - They want you to complement them on their new haircut, new tie, new shoes, etc.  Take time to notice and compliment them so they will know you are noticing them.
  • Let Him Lead - Most men want to be the protector. That means that they need to lead the way for you.  If you let him lead then it will show that you trust him to make the right decision for you.
  • Leave Him Endearing Thoughtful Notes - A little note that tells him something simple like "I Love You" or something to make him want to look forward to getting home like "Can't wait for your to get home tonight". Women used to put these little notes in their husband's briefcase for him to find later when he got to work.  Now days they just text them to him.

All of these things can help keep your man interested in you but none of them are the magic bullet like the Language of Desire.

Language of Desire by Felicity KeithIf you want your guy to become sexually and emotionally addicted to you, all you have to do is learn to make love to his mind because his erogenous zone is really in his head.

Guys live in a state of sexual fantasy.

Men all dream of meeting a woman who really understands their sexual buttons and knows how to push them in a really powerful way.

You do it with words.  Those words you can learn in Language of Desire.

Felicity Keith is an average early 40's normal looking woman who has discovered and practices the "secret code" to men's erotic minds.  In fact, Felicity says she can teach you how to get a man sexually obsessed and addicted to you without even touching him.

If you feel self conscious or nervous about talking to your man a little dirty or sexy, then you really need to check out Felicity's advice.  If you think you are just dumb because you don't know this kind of stuff then you need to realize that every woman has been in this same spot at one point in time and either had to learn the hard way or didn't learn at all and lost their man.

You can get a head start on a lot of women by following what Felicity teaches.

You just won't believe how amazingly confident you will become from knowing EXACTLY what to say to a man so that he will do ANYTHING to be with you, and only you forever.

Just go check out the Language of Desire. You will be so glad you did.