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10 Ways to Empower Your Communication

Conversation Chemistry

There is so much to know about Interpersonal Communication than anyone could ever realize.

But since communication is the cornerstone of good relationships between men and women everyone should make an effort to learn more about interpersonal communication.

Clear, effective communication can help ward off so many mis-understandings and arguments between couples.

Here are 10 ways to empower your communication to help you better your relationships:

  • Education. To be an effective speaker you to be knowledgeable of the times around and you need to practice a little public speaking when you can.
  • Listening. Not only to others, but sometimes to the sound of your own voice. This will help teach you to be confident in yourself and say what you feel with conviction.
  • Humility. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we all slur our words, stutter or mispronounce a word even though we know what it means. If you are in a group don't be to proud to ask how to properly pronounce a word.
  • Eye contact. Don't be afraid to make eye contact. Shy people tend to hang their head when talking to someone else. Hold you head up and speak to others with confidence.
  • Humor. A little bit of humor can go a long way to relax everyone participating in a conversation. Humor makes one feel more approachable and acceptable by others as one of the crowd.
  • Me, Myself and I. These are not terms that everyone wants to hear all the time coming out of your mouth. But, in this example it means practicing talking and listening to yourself in front of a mirror so that you see and hear how you come across to others.
  • Be Like The Rest of Them. Mingle with others. You will get a lot of ideas and learn a lot about what makes people who they are.
  • Say it With a Smile. Smiling and trying to have an upbeat attitude while you are talking goes a long way in relaxing the other person and the situation.
  • Be a Role Model. Speak and be someone that you would like your children to learn from and follow in your footsteps.
  • Preparation. If you have public speaking to do always give some thought to your speach long before hand, make notes and practice before a small group.

Practice these guidelines for your public affairs and they will become second nature to you and spill over into your interpersonal relationships.

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