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Why Do Men Pull Away When Falling In Love - You Can Change This Pattern to Your Favor

Most women think men are weird and hard to understand and from a woman's perspective they think they are right.  Men just look at them and say I don't understand what the problem is.

Everything was going so well when you first started dating, but then for some reason he just seemed to start losing interest and pulling away.  What happened?  But, more importantly what can you do about it.

Many women learn the Paleolithic Principle  in order to get their man to stay in love with them because to him they are the kind of  woman that "gets it" and actually makes him feel good about himself when he is with her.

Understanding the male mind doesn't have to be difficult.  You just need to know why men feel a need to create space and why they want to hide things from you.

You may feel that he knows you love him and you thought he loved you but he seems to be pulling away when you thought he was falling in love.

He wants to spend more time with "his" friends now than he does with you.  He doesn't call or text as often as he used to and it takes him a while to respond to your messages.  Yet, he hasn't said he wants to break up.

Why DO Men Pull Away When Falling In Love Is the Mystery Question for the Day

You don't think he is seeing someone else, but he might, if he keeps pulling away.  You need help.  Go here to read more so you can learn what to do when a man pulls away when falling in love. 

You too need to discover the way to make your man stay in love with you because you are the what to do when men pull away in relationshiponly one that knows how to make him feel good about himself when he is around you.  Additionally, you need to discover exactly how to get way more of your own needs met by understanding how your man's mind works and why he trys to hide the truth from you.

As we mentioned earlier a lot of women use the Paleolithic Principle in order to create a lasting relationship with joy and love from their man.  You find out more about this principle and some more helpful tidbits like how to 'other-woman-proof' your relationship with your man by giving him what he really wants so cheating doesn't even cross his mind.  This relationship saving info can be found in this helpful eBook titled 'Why Men Pull Away - Discover What He Is Really Thinking'.  Check it out now.

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