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Learn How To Communicate Better With Your Husband By Using The Paleolithic Principle

Women throughout the ages get so frustrated just trying to communicate with their husbands even about the simplest of things.

They don't remember your birthday or anniversary.  But, that does come only once a year.  A year is a long time to remember something especially if it falls during football season.

However, there is the garbage pickup that comes twice a week; every week of the year.  That might be a stretch also.  Let's go for "You need to pick up Jeffy from school this afternoon at 3pm; do I need to call and remind you at 2:30pm?".

All fun aside, you can't really say that these things fall under the terms of communicating.  They are more like "to do" lists.

Real communicating is where both husband and wife are able to share their dreams with each other and find that the other one has a real interest in listening to the other one about those dreams.

As a wife you want your husband to be eager to come home from work and share with you his accomplishments for the day and participate in discussing how your day went and take serious interest in  things like plans for the family's future.

You get tired of nagging him and he gets tired of hearing it.  So, this often leads to going ones separate ways.  It may not be divorce but it does mean spending your time with, and sharing your dreams with separate friends.  But deep down you both would like to share your best years with someone you really love.

Men don't always open up and share because women are too busy multi-tasking, which men don't do well so they just shutdown.  Women quit communicating because they think their husband is not listening anyway.

Throughout time relationships that have succeeded are because of the wisdom of the woman in the marriage.  Wise women have learned how to get their husbands to listen, to want to come home and share because he has a woman who "gets it" when it comes to him.

This is a wife that has learned how to make him feel good about himself when he is with her and therefore he always want to be with her and share his love, his goals, his life with her.

Even though these women don't realize that they have been applying the Paleolithic Principle in their relationship, they have.  In olden times women would learn from their mother or grandmother how to make a strong, lasting and loving relationship.

In today's day and time families are so dysfunctional women don't really have a family mentor from which to learn.

If you find yourself in this position and you are having trouble with communication between you and your husband (or, boyfriend) then turn your situation around by learning how to apply the Paleolithic Principle today.

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