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Why Does My Husband Look At Other Women All The Time

Well, let's face it.  Men and women look at the opposite sex when it is someone beautiful or really nice looking.  Doesn't mean you want to go home with them.

Men want a woman that is interested in them and one who is willing to support them in their goals and aspirations.  They want a mother for their children that will raise the children up in the right way.
They want a companion for life.  Someone who listens to them when they want to talk.

I once had a plumber that we used all the time and one day he said that as soon as his kids were grown he was going to leave his wife.  I asked why.  He said, she never wants to do anything or go anywhere with me.  I can hear women saying now that he doesn't take care of the kids day and night and run the household, so he is not as tired as I am.  And you are right.  But, in order to maintain a long lasting and loving relationship the two of you have to work out how to have time together doing things that you both like.

The kids, the aging parents, the jobs can't consume all of your lives and keeping you from having some together time.

To a man a real commitment comes from a deep down "soul feeling".  This feeling comes from not just looking at you or any other woman.  That good feeling comes from the fact that he just feels so darn good about himself when he is with you.

If you don't know how to give him this great feeling then you need to learn.  It is not hard and you need to understand that when he feels good about himself while being around you then you get more of the things you want from him also, because he will just naturally want to make you happy.
Women who know how to create this loving and lasting relationship with their man apply the Paleolithic Principle in their Relationships especially if they think their man is pulling away or losing interest.

So, let him look; just make sure that you are the one that gives him that deep down "soul feeling" when he is with YOU.