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What To Do When Men Pull Away in a Relationship - Questions To Ask Yourself and more...

When a man and women's relationship becomes serious both think that they have found their soul mate and that they will spend the rest of their lives together.  As time goes by many women see the man begin to lose interest and they begin to wonder what to do when men pull away in relationship.

Even though both need to spend time trying to understand the other in a relationship, women are usually the one that has to take the initiative to understand the man and make sure that they stay together for many years.

There are many a woman that asks herself, sometimes almost daily, 'why is my man acting the way he is?'.  Well, most women have failed to realize that they need to learn to truly understand how men think in a relationship.

Since men are not good at communicating their emotions then here are a few questions for a woman to ask herself in order to help figure out what is going on with her guy.

Are You Yourself Different?

Are you also acting different?  Sit for a minute and look back at your own actions lately in the relationship.  He may have changed towards you because you have changed yourself.  If you have had a child then you may be spending more time with the child than with him.  If you have a stressful job you may be thinking more about your job when you are off from work than you should be.

Does He Have More Stress?

What is your man currently going through.  Has his job gotten more stressful; did he get a new boss?  Is he dealing with college issues, some issues with friends or family.  He may simply be pre-occupied with some problem that he is just not discussing with you.  Maybe he is concerned with some health problem that he is not telling you about.

Did You Forget Something Important to Him?

Men get their feelings hurt as well as women do, they just don't openly express it as much.  Maybe you forgot something like the beginning of football season and scheduled some other event that he had to attend.  This may have made him think that you don't care about things that are really important to him.  If you do this more than once then you just confirm his feelings and he begins to quietly lose interest.

Have You Openly Asked Him Why He Is Acting Differently?

In some cases he may be so focused on something else so much that he doesn't even realize that he is acting differently and talking with him can bring that to light and put your mind at ease.

On the other hand if it is something that you are doing then he may not be honest with you about what is going on with him.  In this case it is up to you to figure this out on your own.

What To Do When Men Pull Away in Relationship When You Get No Help From Him.

You need to learn how to make your man stay in love with you and he will if you are the what to do when men pull away in relationshiponly one that knows how to make him feel good about himself when he is with you.  When you make him feel this way, you will get way more of your needs met. By understanding your man's mind and why he hides the truth from you you will be able to stop him from withdrawing from the relationship.

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