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Keeping Your Man In Love With You For A Lifetime - Don't Let Him  Pull Away From You

One of the problems in relationships is that both men and women have a tendency to pull away after a while.  This is true more for a man than for women.

Men need to feel like a man and they will either go deeper into a relationship with their woman or they will pull away if that relationship is not giving them the feeling about themselves that they need.

When a woman feels that her man is pulling away from her then she gets hurt, angry and even sad.  She doesn't understand why he is withdrawing. She may even think that he might be cheating on her and she doesn't understand why do men cheat and thinks it is because their is something wrong with her.

Intuition In A Man and Woman

Men and women are just wired differently.  The things that women value and believe in are not usually the same as men's values and beliefs; especially when it comes to a relationship.

That is not to say that things like spouse and family are not important to men.  They are but when those things don't provide him the feeling about himself that he needs then he begins to pull away.

Many men will stay married for the benefit of the children but the spark otherwise is gone.  I have seen men stay until the children are grown and then leave and find a woman that can make him feel more like the man he wants to be.  Outsiders will look at this type of divorce after 25 years and say why after they had been together this long.  What they don't see is that the man had pulled away from the relationship a long time ago but was just staying for the benefit of his children.

Who Really Gets It?

Women think their man doesn't really "Get it" about much of anything with regards to a relationship.  On the other hand men want a woman they can talk to that they feel  "Really Gets It" when it comes to them.

Is It Something Wrong With You?

Most women are so busy trying to figure out what is wrong with them that they miss the real reason.  They think they don't look as good as they once did because with time they have let themselves go.  Taking care of a home, children and maybe a job also doesn't leave them much time to take care of their own selves.

Maybe you think you are having to do everything and he does nothing.  And you might be right but what you really need to know is how to change that situation for the better.  And that is not really to get rid of him.

Women It Is Up To You

In most cases the woman has to take charge and figure out how to keep her relationship with a man together.

You have to learn how a man thinks and what it takes to keep your man in love with you for a lifetime.

Here are a few tips:

  • Getting too attached makes a man feel uncomfortable - The more a woman bonds with her man the happier she is but for men more bonding can actually raise his stress levels and cause him to feel uncomfortable.
  • Men really want freedom - Even though he is attracted to you he really doesn't want to feel that restraints have been put on his freedom.  Even though too much closeness can happen for both women and men it happens much sooner for men. 
  • He wants your love and attention - but he still needs his space more so than a woman usually does.

Women Take Charge

  • Learn new ways to think about, talk to and interact with your man that makes him change without him even knowing it.
  •  Learn how to "control" his reactions to the real you so you can share your deepest feelings while knowing that this emotional openness is being reciprocated by your man.
  • Learn to listen with your heart to what he is "really" saying or feeling. No more wondering what he is thinking , how he feels about you and how to let down is barricades that no other woman has ever succeeded in doing.
  • Once you figure out what you need to really do to protect your relationship for a lifetime you will have your man not only not pulling away from you, but in his mind he can't picture a future without you.

If you don't take charge and figure out how a man's feelings about attraction and commitment really work, then you are always going to run into a lot of problems in your relationships with men.

Many women who have learned how to get their man to love them for their mind as well as their beautiful body have applied the Paleolithic Principle.

Men and women will change when they want too.  What you want to do is learn how to change yourself so that you can become a more skilled "man-whisperer" so that you can get the results that you deserve.  Your strength and wisdom as a woman is what it is all about.  Your knowledge and actions are what will be keeping your man interested in and in love with you.

So, take control and take action.  You are in charge.

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